The Fly (1986) 

  • Brown

    It can’t be a coincidence that the ground is brown.

    • There once was a time. When days stretch beyond 16 hours. And nights weren’t silent: Refusing me the opportunity to rest. And I toss and toss. And twist and twist. But serenity comes from no external means. It was your eyes: Your deep brown eyes that brought me peace. And made me realize peace comes from within.

    I’m still in the process of editing this website and although I’m loving how it is turning out, it has been stressful and quite frustrating. I also didn’t get the chance to write/edit my WIP because of the website thingy. But it was worth it nonetheless.

    Peace out ✌️

  • Gratitude

    There’s blessing in gratitude.

    •To think that I once cried for a day like today to never come. To never hurt me to this extent. And that I broke down when it did. I’m now numb to all the pain. And grateful to have reached it in my youth: at the peak of my strength.

    •They are happier than I’ll ever be. Perfect and shining throughout the days and nights. While I, depressed and anxious, fall at their feet for a taste of living like them: being happy throughout the day. But, sadness isn’t that bad. It is just as beautiful.

    Peace out ✌️

  • Failure

    We learn from our failures.

    • I have failed, I told myself and smiled. I have failed, I cried and banged my head on the wall. I have failed, I whispered, looking to my right and left, making sure no one heard. I have failed, I said letting go of the blade.

    •You realize not of how much of a blessing your life is until you fall hard on your back. And you look up to stare if anyone has come to your aid but find them laughing or not having a clue of your falling. That is when you understand truly that no one cares.

    •There is a reason, a hidden mystery behind forget being forget, forgive being forgive, and failure starting with the same f. You have to forget that you have failed, forgive yourself for failing, and forget that you have forgiven yourself when trying it again.

    Peace out ✌️

  • Scene

    Our lives are nothing other than consecutive scenes.

    •It was all an act. Your tears, you passing out and breaking into shabbles that can never be mended. It was all for the scene. For a scene that let others leave you to be. I was different and you knew. You used your resources right, made me fall, destroyed the evidence, and burnt the reports. Your crime scene was the bloodiest I had ever seen. You had no sympathy. And your apathy was beyond anything we ever came across. I was not careful, while you let down your guard. It was a win-win. You killed the records and I killed you. I played well for the scene too, but sadly I fell. And you did too.

    •The was never a smile on my face, when I'm at the scene. There was a corpse by my right then another impelled to the ceiling. Blood dripped from above, and without knowing I swallowed a drop. Can you see my fangs growing. Damn it, all secrets will come out bloody tonight.

    Peace out ✌️

  • Fire

    There’s fire in our soul. It gives us passion.

    •They said you were dangerous and I laughed. Did they not realize or ever open their eyes to the fact that you were fire and I was volcano?

    •It burnt against all surfaces, blazing and licking up to the ceiling. I stared, feeling the heat getting closer and closer. It was dangerous. The fire is dangerous, but you are far more dangerous.

    •The pain you gave me was pleasant. It was the type of pleasure in pain you get when you drop the wax of a lit candle lit onto your stomach. Painful but sweet. You are my sweet in pain.

    Fire left me a scar I could see and care for. But darling you hurt me within, broke a part of me that can never be mended.

    Peace out ✌️

  • You

    You can only be you.

    You were the mountain that had kept me stable since the very beginning. The support against any trembling that resulted.

    •Had I never met you, I forever doubt I could have made it this far. I would not have even dared take the step forward.

    •Invading my mind through the days and nights, you bothered not of the stress and panic you caused me. You were a thorn to me. A sweet thorn I wouldn’t miss.

    •Should I be given a chance to leave and be okay, to be free of your hurting, to be free from the chains you had leashed to my neck. I will chose to stay with you,for that is what I have grown to know. Your painful love is why I live.

    Peace out ✌️

  • Hope

    We should always have hope. And never let it die.

    •It had been years, lots of it, but my hope still remains the same. Still positive that you will return everything that I had given to you. I just will never lose hope, howsoever hopeless it’s believed to be.

    •It was a dream come true to me. A get and my life will be perfect. A without I will be miserable. He was all that to me, but what I failed to realize was, he also felt likewise for someone else. He would have a wish to spend his life with another. Here I am now, left only with the hope that I am that person to him.

    •I would prefer and choose to live in my head everyday and over whatever it is that will be given to me as a bribe to stay here. What does being here offer? Nothing. At least in my head I had hope, and hope was living. Hope is breathing.

    •Waves up above our boat. Sky grim and dark, glaring at us for not taking its words and stubbornly sailing. Not was there even a bird we will hope to turn an enormous eagle to take us home. We had ignored a warning and now we pay the price without hope. There is no hope of living.

    Peace out ✌️

  • World

    We all can make this world a better place. It starts with you and me.

    •It was you and me against it all, but then the world came between us. It brought a third person along, a third person who broke us apart and pulled me away from the world. Never was I the same again. Never will I see the world the same again.

    •I came to this world without you. Lived years without you, but then you came and changed me, made me unable to live without you and then you left. You left without a care.

    •The world revolved around me. Giving me all I had ever looked at with sparkly eyes. My eyes glowed at the sight of you but the world gave me your opposite. Your twin, who spared not a glance at me.

    •It was a stormy night, the wind blew against all surfaces as the world shook to toss everything upside down. Even in that state my eyes only caught the sight of you, hanging upside down. Entangled, scared but still beautiful. The world made you beautiful.

    Peace out ✌️

  • Love

    We all could make use of some love.

    • I love the way you look at me, the feels I get when you stare at me, and the stir my stomach does when I hear you speak.

    • Your name rolls off my tongue like silk, with ink, without think, I will display how deep you have sunk in me.

    • My heart hurts so bad, that all I want is to pull it out, but with your presence, your eyes, those leafy green glints, I could never.

    • To recall once I never know you, a time I have never seen you, and wasn’t crushing on you. What a waste of time is all I can say.

    • You drilled a hole in my chest, now come fill it up with love.

    • With you, and yourself, I will be me and myself. Because without you I will never find myself.

    • Breath my love, and wait for my love. It will be your air, your food, your water, your…all.

    Peace out ✌️

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