I Might Have Finished A Book!

The title serves as the big spoiler today. But that isn’t all. Not only have I finished a book, but I have designed its cover, sent it out to beta-readers whose feedback were nothing short of positive, and have it available for pre-order on amazon. I can hardly believe I’ve been this productive over the course of three weeks but the social media break I took made it all possible. The Cover: The whole thing? The book is a collection of fifty-two dark poems -that only gets darker- defining the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance…

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Crafting Rich Characters (Part 3)

Greetings Storytellers! We’re off to Part 3 of Crafting Rich Characters. In Part 1, we explored a character’s physical appearance, mannerisms, and quirks. In Part 2, we covered Attributes and Traits, Skills and Abilities, and Occupations and Interests. In this post, we’re going to look at Formative Backstories, Core Values, and The Lie. These are […] Crafting Rich Characters (Part 3) Do check out the other parts as they touched on very important aspects of creating more believable characters. Peace out ✌️

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Ten Tips On Writing Mysteries

First off, these writing tips are not just for mystery writers. Gail Bowen is the author of the Joanne Kilbourn mysteries. She’s written 16 of them so far and if you’re a fan of Joanne Kilbourne you’ll learn a lot about her in this book. Secondly, the tips aren’t just for writers of series although […] Ten Tips On Writing Mysteries

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Writing is Good for Your Health

There are great therapeutic benefits to writing backed by science, that’s why I have been writing a blog since 2017 and I am in good health 🙂 Before that I used to write a journal. I started writing two books, finished and published only one (it is in Italian, not a big success yet, only […] Writing is Good for Your Health

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Getting Yourself to Write

Writing can be a struggle for writers of all levels, from beginning to professional. The struggle has a dreaded name: writer’s block. Writer’s block refers to not being able to write while facing the blank page or the middle of a project. It can be a matter of losing the inspiration or motivation to write, […] Getting Yourself to Write

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16 Reasons Why People Give Up

Everybody wants to eat, but no one is willing to hunt. Everybody wants to be fit and strong, but no one wants to lift heavy weights. If only they could pay someone else to do their pushups for them… People give up for a number of reasons. The following list contains 16 of the […] 16 Reasons Why People Give Up

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