Book Review #4

Today’s review is about a masterpiece. I can’t call it anything otherwise. The Collector by John Fowles. This is also the first stalker novel I have ever read except for crime fiction. Specifically Tess Gerritsen books. It has been long since I read her books but I might review some when I brush up what those books were about. So heads up for those mystery and suspense.

This isn’t the original book cover but BBC’s comment drew my attention to it. And I felt I’ll do more justice to this book by including it instead. “Compulsive reading… I cannot urge you too strongly to read it.”

This one sentence conveys a lot about what I’d have said. It is compulsive indeed, hooking, griping, terrifying? We can talk about that later but most importantly the character. His (Ferdinand, Fredrick, Cadinal, or whatever he is called) has a voice that is so damn unique in a twisted way. He’s interesting enough to have me flipping through pages real fast to know how it’ll end

Guess who has another loop kind of ending? Me! The story towards the ending started taking off like Romeo and Juliet but The Collector found something -someone- to collect. And that is enough reason to keep him alive. The other loop ending I read is books The Ruins by Scott Smith.

Here is the Goodreads’ blurb:

Withdrawn, uneducated and unloved, Frederick collects butterflies and takes photographs. He is obsessed with a beautiful stranger, the art student Miranda. When he wins the pools he buys a remote Sussex house and calmly abducts Miranda, believing she will grow to love him in time.


The paragraph above ended with “believe” and that is enough hint that she might or might not grow to love him. I’ll let you decide that:

  • He fed her well.
  • Let her go around and even outside the house (with tied hands and a gag so she wouldn’t scream)
  • Let her bath.
  • Is concerned about her.
  • And not the last on this list: locks her up in the chapel.


Why you should you read this:

  • The author went out of his way to get into the character’s head. You won’t even notice the writer here.
  • There is an emotional detachment to the story through the view of the character. And that just made it more intriguing.
  • The plot…the plot is the usual stalker and then kidnapper but the ending made it a bit different.

Now, will I reread this?

I don’t think so. I have to admit skipping Miranda’s POV for a reason I can’t point out. She was just…not Fredrick and I had the gut feeling I’ll be wasting my time since its reflecting what had happened but from her point of view. But if I’ll ever write a stalker novel (not any day soon) I’ll reread this for reference. It’s executed perfectly. I’ll probably watch the movie now.

That’s all I have to say about The Collector by John Fowles. Read it, and let’s have a discussion about it in the comment if it sounds like something you’ll like.

Peace out ✌️

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