A Head Full Of Ghosts’ by Paul Tremblay

I have never written or even thought about a review if: I loved it, I liked it, You should/gotta read this! are put aside. The first ever review I wrote was about Edgar Allan Poe’s book on Goodreads. And it was very short.

Just like the books I write, most of the books I read are either horror, thrillers, or tragedy. Although I sparsely read other genres: romance and fantasy.

Yes. I know. It doesn’t have an attractive cover but the writing is good. Being it written in first person present and past tense, it helped me with my current WIP which is also in first person.

The story isn’t hard to get into but the constant going backward and forward confused me at the beginning until I understood what the author was doing.

Most of the book is a narration about the past by the main character who is also a survivor of some incidences (I don’t want to include spoilers.) But instead of giving us long and boring dialogues, the author writes about the past in separate chapters but differentiated them from the present time by writing them in the past tense.

I think I’m doing a bad job at actually telling you about the story but…We follow a character (Meredith who prefers to be called Merry) as she narrates about her family and the events that led up to them having a TV show about their lives. We get a plot twist at the end which would be obvious if you pay attention to the beginning of Merry’s narration

Was I frightened?

I was when I read it at night and the story was in a scene that took place at night. Other than that, I wasn’t scared. It could have been because I had high expectations about it. After all, someone recommended it under the scariest books they have ever read. No. The Ruins by Scott Smith which I will review next will be that story for me. It was not scary-scary but more of I-will-never-see-this-the-same-way-again kind of scary.

AHFOG also had this moment. But it happened towards the end. It made me think deeply about life and some situations that have been mentioned there.

Why you should read it:

  • The writing is superb.
  • The character isn’t boring. Not really likable since we only see her interact with one person or two.
  • You will take something away from the story. Or at least I did.
  • The plot is unusual. You will find out that whatever you believe just isn’t it.
  • You are a fan of exorcism and possession? Say no more. Get this book although I must warn you YOU WILL BE SURPRISED AT THE TWIST. Nothing you believe is true.
  • Do you like some mind games? This is your go-to book.

Now, will I reread this book?

I probably would not because it’s unlikely that I’ll forget the plot or that I’ll miss the character. I didn’t get attached to her. But I would read it because of how good it was written. And, I’ll check out other books by this author. I have Survivor Songs by him but I haven’t gotten into it. This might be the push I need to dive into it.

That’s all I have to say about AHFOG. I apologize for the chaotic post but I’m not a great reviewer in the sense of telling you about the book since I write about the book from my point of view. But that is the essence of reviews, right?

Anyways, thank you for your time, and do comment about your thoughts if you have read this book, will read it, or if it’s a pass for you since it’s well…horror.

Peace out ✌️

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